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Plastic Fact

Plugin Introduction

Brian Grandjean

January 02, 2022 · 3 min read

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Precycle is proud to announce the release of our first tool(LINK TO APP STORE/Business page) to help your e-commerce business unite with your community on the topic of plastic action. Our goal is to make everyone aware of the plastic crisis and enable them to take individual action on this global problem. Our e-commerce plugin creates a partnership between Precycle and your brand to offer a unique solution to the plastic crisis. Image - Customer in shop, friendly with checkout Customers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and have been shown to engage more positively with brands that share their values. Nearly 90% of customers indicated that they will be more loyal to brands that support social and environmental issues and that they have a more positive image of these brands. Millennials, in particular, are the most likely to engage strongly with these brands including telling friends and family about the brand’s efforts and giving direct feedback. Our plugin is a simple way to show that your brand is socially and environmentally responsible. The customer interface is a simple banner built into your checkout page where the customer can click to add plastic compensation to their order. Adding this plastic compensation will add 1€ to their basket to compensate for 1 kg of plastic waste. Our plugin enables your customers to consider the end-of-life of your product at the time that it is purchased! There has been a lot of plastic waste mismanagement in the past and it is time for us to work together to start reversing the damage. A plastic compensation at your brand’s checkout will be directed towards the fair collection of plastic waste and the infrastructure development necessary for the plastic waste management sector to tackle the waste of the past, present, and future.


The Precycle model focuses on making a triple impact with every euro that is spent on compensation. The first and most obvious is the environmental impact of removing plastic waste from the ocean, beaches, forests, or mismanaged landfills where it will eventually find its way into our natural environment. Our second impact is social impact by only partnering with waste management companies that provide safe and fair employment for waste workers who are regularly denied these basic considerations. Precycle’s third impact is economic impact. Our partners are looking to the future to formalize their local waste management sector, increase worker safety, increase recycling capacities, and ensure that the plastic waste is managed in a way that improves the environment for everyone.
If just making a positive environmental impact isn’t enough the advantages of being an eco-conscious brand don’t stop there. Engagement with your customers allows them to feel empowered to make a difference and gives a shared ideology with your brand regarding the end-to-end utility of your products. Precycle will also provide marketing materials to help you share with the world how your brand is plastic conscious. After your shop has been using the plugin, Precycle will provide an impact report so you can share the impact that has been created by working with Precycle.
The Precycle plugin is easy to set up and simple for your customers to use. The plugin can be added through the Shopify App store, using our step-by-step instructions(LINK). After it is installed it will appear as banner to add plastic compensation on the checkout page of your Shopify store. There is also the option to have it appear as an add-on purchase after the checkout is complete. Either way, it is a single click for your customers.

Captioned image of store with standard banner

Captioned image of store with post-checkout option