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Demonstrate your commitment towards sustainability

Plastic Action,directly from your checkout.

Want to boost the online shopping experience for your customers with Plastic Action? Our Offset App for your online shop, enables your customers to contribute and support fair collection & recycling of plastic waste together - with only one click!

Precycle Plastic
Compensation App

Plastic compensation - As easy as clicking a button! Our Shopify App for your online shops, enables brands to engage with their customers and create immediate plastic impact with them.

  • Fast and simple plugin integration in Online shop

  • Plastic emission offset for customers in their shopping cart

  • Access marketing material to communicate your positive impact

  • Increase your brand value and customer loyalty

  • Real-time data collection of tracked impact with insight dashboard

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No shop system, no problem. Reach out to us for assistance regarding different or no shop system.

Make an impact for our planet

Our Precycle Plastic Compensation App is a way for your brand to responsibly consider the end-of-life for your products at the time of purchase.

Empower your customers

Research shows that customers are more likely to have brand loyalty to a brand that shares their values.

Improve your image

It isn’t all about the way it looks, but when you do something good it feels good to be recognized. Spread the word about your actions.

Interested in a one-time compensation?

We help brands to become a sustainable workplace! Businesses who want to turn the tide on plastic pollution can compensate their plastic footprint now.

Plastic Footprint Compensation

You would like to compensate the Plastic Footprint of an event, a festival or generally of your workplace? Let us show you how a one-time compensation works and what instant impact you can have.

We support you in telling the world about your efforts by providing marketing materials and strategy consultation. Get in touch with our experts about calculating your footprint!