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Plugin Plastic Action to your checkout

Brian Grandjean

March 20, 2022 · 4 min read

Plugin Plastic Action to your checkout image

Introducing Precycle’s E-Commerce Plugin!

Precycle is proud to announce the release of our first tool: our e-commerce app for plastic action available on Shopify!

Our plugin unites brands and their customers on a global issue that is close to everyone’s conscience. Plastic waste mismanagement has led to an international environmental crisis that contaminates both natural habitats and urban communities. Our plugin actions plastic recycling and repurposing with just the click of a button! While making a purchase online, customers can now already consider the product's end of life, and contribute to its fair waste collection while checking out! All while simultaneously supporting infrastructure development in the plastic waste management sector to tackle waste of the past, present, and future! Our plug-in makes it easy for customers to consume responsibly.

There is no plan B

The importance of having an eco-conscious value proposition in 2022

Customers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and have been shown to engage more positively with brands that have values in common. Studies show that around 90% of customers are more loyal to brands that support social and environmental issues. Additionally, customers seem to have a more positive image of brands with ethical commitments. Millennials, in particular, are the most likely to engage strongly with these brands, especially when introduced via word of mouth through family and friends. And why wouldn’t they? Conversations around the climate crisis and sustainable living are becoming household topics. Our plug-in is a simple solution to demonstrate your brand's dedication to social and environmental causes.

There is no plan B

Elevate customer experience with the Precycle plugin

The customer interface is a simple banner built into your checkout page, where the customer can click, to add plastic compensation to their order. Adding this plastic compensation will add 1€ to their basket and compensate for 1 kg of plastic waste. Our plugin allows your customers to consider your product’s end-of-life right at the time that it is purchased!

The plastic compensation option at your brand’s checkout will be directed towards fair plastic waste collection and infrastructure development of plastic waste management sectors in the Global South. Your contribution will go directly to where it matters most, and take plastic action in developing countries negatively affected by the plastic crisis.

How the Precycle Plugin Creates Triple Impact

The Precycle model focuses on making a triple impact with every euro spent on compensation:

  • The first and most obvious impact is the environmental impact of removing plastic waste from oceans, beaches, forests, and mismanaged landfills, from which plastic eventually finds its way into the environment.
  • The second impact is the social impact created by partnering with waste management companies that provide safe and fair employment for waste workers, who are regularly denied these basic considerations.
  • Precycle’s third impact is its economic impact. Our partners are looking to the future to formalize their local waste management sectors, increase worker safety, expand recycling capacities, and ensure that plastic waste is managed in a way that improves the environment for everyone. This, in turn, redirects money back into the recycling sector making it a profitable and self-sustaining industry.

Green Tech

How Precycle Supports Your Brand’s Eco-Journey Beyond the Plugin

If just making a positive environmental impact isn’t enough, the advantages of being an eco-conscious brand don’t stop there! Engagement with your customers allows them to feel empowered to make a difference and gives them a shared ideology with your brand, regarding the end-to-end utility of your products. Precycle will also provide you with data reports to help you share how your brand is plastic conscious with the world! Once your shop starts using the plugin, Precycle provides you with an impact report that allows you to share the impact that has been created by working with Precycle. The Precycle plugin is easy to set up and simple for your customers to use. The plugin can be added through the Shopify App Store, using our step-by-step instructions. After it is installed, it will appear as a banner to add plastic compensation on the checkout page of your Shopify store. There is also the option to have it appear as an add-on purchase after the checkout is complete. Either way, it’s a simple, single click for your customers.

Now that you’re all plugged into our new e-commerce tool, we hope you’ll continue to join us on our mission to fight the plastic crisis! Want to find out more? Our next blog post will tell you just how to install the Precycle plugin. We’ll see you there!

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