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Step by step Shopify App instructions

Brian Grandjean

January 14, 2022 · 4 min read

Step by step Shopify App instructions image

We’re excited that you’ve decided to partner with Precycle to help us make our triple impact of environmental, social, and economic change. Let’s jump right in and get started with setting up the precycle app.

  1. Log in to your Shopify store and select the apps page from the toolbar on the left. selectApps

  2. In the upper right corner click on the “Customize your store” button customize store button location image

  3. On the app store page use the search box to search for “Precycle” search precycle example image

  4. Click on the Precycle app, to get to the details page

  5. Click add app

  6. Accept Permissions to allow the Precycle app to add a compensation to your cart. The permissions we ask for are as limited as possible, but we need access to"

    • Account data - to connect your shop to your Dashboard account at precycle.today.
    • Edit products - our app works by creating a 1kg plastic compensation which can be added at checkout.
    • Edit orders - this permission is needed to add a compensation to an order.
    • Edit store - this permission is used so you can add the app banner to your store.

image of permissions required

  1. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking confirm

image of permissions required

  1. The compensations that are added to your cart are sent to Precycle once a month using the Shopify billing system. There are no additional charges for the installation of the Precycle app. Please set up the payment method and click Approve. image of permissions required

  2. It’s time to connect to your Precycle dashboard! We do this using a tool called an API key, which is created in your Precycle dashboard. This is how we securely connect your shop to your dashboard. Click on the link to set up your Precycle account

apiConnection screen

  1. Welcome to your account creation just a few quick steps and you will be connected. First we need your email address to create your account. Provide a valid email address and click “Send Magic Link” precycle account creation

  2. Check your email and click on the link provided! Your account will now be verified and you will be logged in automatically.

  3. Tell us a little about yourself, then click submit. setup page 1

  4. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and click on "Settings" to open the the settings page for your account.
    setup page 2

  5. Scroll down and click on "Generate API key". Copy the API key. API key copy

  6. At this point you need to return to your shopify store, and paste the API key into the input field and click **Verify. ** Verify key

  7. Your Privacy is important to us and we want to be sure that you have access to our privacy policy. Click on **Got It **so we know you have access to our privacy policy privacy screen

  8. Click on Activate! IMAGE OF activate button

  9. Enable add-on compensation after your customers have completed their purchase.

  10. Click on Settings find shopify settings

  11. Click on Checkout go to checkout Page

  12. Scroll down to the Post-Checkout page and select the Precycle option. image showing post purchase option of precycle

  13. Enable the Banner in your checkout cart.

  14. Click on "Themes" in the "Online Store" menu of your shopify account find theme page

  15. Then click on the "Customize" button on your active theme. image showing post purchase option of precycle

  16. Use the dropdown at the top-center of the page to select the "Cart" page CartSection selection image

  17. Click on "Add Section" add Section

  18. Type “Precycle” into the Search Sections input that appears, and click on "Precycle Extension Block." add extension

  19. Click on the 6 dots to the right of the newly created "Apps" section and drag it to where you prefer the Precycle banner to appear on your page. We recommend just above the "Subtotal" section.

Thanks for choosing the Precycle app!

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